“Almost every single woman that’s flown in space, 70 percent of women in the U.S. Senate, 54 percent of women in the U.S. House and the majority of the females running a Fortune 500 company are Girl Scouts." - Anna Maria Chávez

Although women have been culturally prepared to avoid careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)—accounting for only 20 percent of STEM bachelor’s degrees—Girl Scout’s research found in another study that a vast majority of teenage girls including Latinas expressed strong inclinations for these fields.

"It shows the male role model in a girl’s life has a disproportionate impact on her entrance into the STEM arena. Talk to your daughters about STEM. Take them to a science museum, or to work. Get them internships. Girls are looking for affirmation and encouragement, and fathers have a key role.”      - Anna Maria Chávez

Studies have found that by fourth grade, girls have a great amount of self confidence but after these years, their aptitude for leadership decreases due to the constant negative messages in social media, TV and media in general or through peer pressure about physical and gender stereotypes.

The Girl Scouts creates safe environments where girls can build up their confidence, fail, build up again and not be ridiculed or put down. That's where they find their own paths and can work with other girls at their own pace.

"As we continue to try to create a culture of inclusion, empathy, possibility, thinking, innovation, and creative leadership, what better place to start than in your hometown, and in your community? By investing in a girl. By becoming a volunteer. And by understanding that anything is possible when you take a little girl's hand and you say to her 'You are worth it.'" - Anna Maria Chávez