Anna motivates and supports the next generation of leaders in her work every day, whether it's on college campuses, television programs or one-on-one. 

"Why is leadership important today? It's because leaders have a disproportionate impact on creating the culture of organizations, of families, of religions. They create the belief systems we have to live in. They make decisions on our behalf. For those of us who are impacted by these decisions, we have to have the moral confidence to understand that we have to take our ethics and make our own individual decisions." - Anna Maria Chávez

A big fan of Gayle King's, Anna was excited to get to know her over the last few years, and had the honor of being invited to visit her on CBS This Morning. Gayle continues to inspire Anna to make the most (and best) out of life.

"The fact that more people give money to support animal causes than they give to girl causes in the United States, has to stop. I love animals; I have a new dog. But that dog will not be president of the United States one day: these girls will be." - Anna Maria Chávez
"We still are not doing enough in this country to support girls. You can carry that message for us. It is time that we put girls at the top of public policy agendas, and we start taking them off the discount rack." - Anna Maria Chávez

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