"Diversity is important for high performing organizations." - Anna Maria Chávez, Diversity Series event at Goldman Sachs, New York City

It's staggering to think of what Hispanic and African American girls might achieve: we know they have a resilience factor that better prepares them to face challenges because they've had to overcome barriers their whole lives.

"When you take the opportunity, as an adult, to mentor, to sponsor, a young woman in your local community and say 'Anything is possible.'" - Anna Maria Chávez

Latinos are the future of this country, and they have talent and aspirations but they need our support in helping them develop self-confidence and leadership skills so they can realize those dreams.

"I am very proud to be the first Latina CEO of Girl Scouts. This allows me to be a role model for young Latinas everywhere." - Anna Maria Chávez

Over the last decade, Anna noticed the importance of ensuring that sufficient data exists that paints the best depiction of the status of women and girls in the US. Unfortunately, this important data is scattered across the country and she saw the need to collaborate with other organizations to make this data more accessible to decision-makers and researchers—especially elected officials and policy makers. Anna was excited to work with the White House and other important girl serving organizations to create the first-ever Girl Research Portal